Why All Forex Brokers Should Consider an Alternative Platform to MT4 & MT5

MetaQuotes has recently changed its pricing model for MT5, dramatically impacting how forex brokers should approach technology going forward. One can compare this decision to something we all of us have considered at some point: renting an apartment vs buying a home.

Now that MT5 operates on a leasing only model, all forex brokers should strongly consider investing in their own technology. Why is this our opinion? Let’s consider the mathematics that impact this change:

By paying a monthly fee in perpetuity, a forex broker will constantly have to ensure a minimum amount of revenue regardless of market conditions. As we know, the market generally impacts profitability, which by nature is unpredictable.

Investing in technology means that monthly costs will be minimal at most since the upfront investment is the highest cost. True, adding features and debugging will always come at a price but over time these costs will diminish when compared to an ongoing monthly fee.

How Can Atomiq Software Help?

We offer 2 paths for forex brokers to explore. The first is to acquire the source code of an existing forex trading platform. By acquiring a source code, a broker ensures that it will own the software, having the freedom to modify and amend it as it sees fit.

Secondly, our team can also help to a broker build their own software from the ground up. Rather than reinvting the wheel and trying to put together a team, you can hire our team to build what you want. Considering we already have the knowledge and experience, this will be far more cost effective.

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