Forex CRM & Trader’s Room

Our Forex CRM & Trader’s Room tool is the ideal software solution for FX brokers of all shapes and sizes. If your brokerage is just starting off, a Trader’s Room and CRM are an indispensable tool for your business. Furthermore, existing brokerages will eventually need to adopt an elaborate back office and CRM infrastructure that can handle growth and allow to scale.

Integration with Your Platform of Choice

Our CRM can fully integrate into your platform of choice: MT4, MT5, cTrader or custom platform. Acting as a single hub, all data will be processed and organized in a single, easy to navigate system.

PSP & Payment Gateway Integration

The ability to easily integrate Payment Gateways is a must have feature for any forex CRM. Our team of specialists can quickly and easily integrate your broker’s desired PSP partners.

Task Automation

A major benefit of our CRM and Trader’s Room software is the ability to automate tasks. Examples include: setting email flows, deposit and withdrawls, assigning follow ups and more.

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