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Our MT4 Swap Updater Tool Saves Time and Money

Our Swap Changer plugin is an essential product that should be part of every broker’s “toolbox.” Although we build plugins based on the demand of our clients, what makes this plugin unique is that we use it ourselves as part of our MT4 Server Management offering. Because the tool saves us plenty of time, why not offer it to other brokers looking to do the same?

How it Works

Our plugin can be mastered in a short period of time. In short, the tool will fetch swap values and automatically populate them into the MT4 server. What’s great is that our swap plugin can update multiple servers, an ideal feature since most brokers work with more than one server instance. As long as the provided values are correct, several hours of tedious work can be avoided.

Why Use Atomiq Software’s Swap Changer?

Saves Time – Updating swap rates manually is a chore. From our experience, doing this properly requires at least 3 – 5 hours as double checking is an important aspect of the process.

Cut Costs – This is not just the time needed to update the rates, but instances where a mistake is made. It only takes one error to create a series of problems around rollover time. By populating values from an Excel sheet, it’s much easier to spot an error.

Easy to Use – We provide free training and ongoing support. Either way, our tool doesn’t take long to master.

If you’d like a price quote, or have a few questions about how we use this plugin as part of our MT4 Server Management offering, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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