Server Hosting

A Basic Need With Massive Implications

Although it’s possible to physically host trading software in the office of your brokerage, it’s not advisable. For something as vital as the stability of your entire brokerage we highly recommended that the software is hosted in a dedicated environment. An additional benefit of remote server hosting is co-location, which involves placing the machine as close as possible to the same execution outlet where the liquidity provider resides.

Which Provider Is Best For Me?

When it comes to the stability of your entire brokerage, not just any hosting solution will cut it. It only takes a single outage to severely damage the reputation of a brokerage as traders have come to expect very high standards when it comes to connection stability.

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If you’d like an overview of our recommend hosting options, we are available to assist. Contact us today for a quick chat about the different hosting options available to your brokerage.

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