Stop Out Plugin


Our Stop Out plugin offers brokers greater flexibility than the standard MT4 settings allow. For example, the existing stop out logic in MT4 is designed to close out the largest losing position first. If the account has enough margin, then the other trades will remain, otherwise the next largest losing trade is closed. Our plugin allows brokers to offer a different stop out method, namely the ability for all positions to be liquidated at once. To ensure the client is aware of what happened, a comment will be available in the journal logs. Finally, once a stop out occurs, the account will be temporarily disabled from trading.

Major Features of Our Stop Out Plugin

  • Account, Group, and Symbol Settings – This plugin can be applied not just on a per account basis but to specific groups as well as symbols

  • Notifications – When a stop out is triggered, the trader will receive an internal email in MT4.

  • Limiting Losses – It’s possible to set a specific loss limit for each individual trader. A nice feature for brokers looking to expand their service offering to accommodate the needs of their clients.


    Additional Customization

    In addition to the features offered above we are open to developing customized solutions based on your specific needs. To learn more about the capabilities of our plugin or to discuss a custom setting, simply contact one of our experienced software specialists.

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