MT4/MT5 Swap Updater

MT4 / MT5 Swap Plugin / Updater

Updating swaps manually is a time consuming process, especially for brokers working with a large quantity of symbols. In many cases regulatory rules require that swaps are updated daily, which means the work needs to be done in some way, shape, or form. When a large number of data must be entered by hand on a daily basis, the chance for error goes up significantly. Moreover, it’s not an efficient use of time when the process can be automated.

Our Swap Updater for MT5 is the perfect solution to this issue. Via an easy to use interface, swaps values can be automatically updated for an unlimited number of symbols, on both live and demo instances of MT5. The quantity of symbols does not matter as our tool is designed for any number required by the broker. We also understand values from some liquidity providers require further calculation to conform to MT5’s standards. This is not an issue as our tool is versatile, being able to adapt to any requirements an LP may have.

We are happy to discuss the time and cost saving benefits of your plugin with you in more detail. Furthermore, should your broker require assistance with any aspect of the MT5 / MT4 set up process, configuration, or ongoing maintenance, don’t hesitate to ask!

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