MT4 / MT5 Equity Stop Out Plugin

Atomiq Consulting’s Stop-Out Plugin operates by continually monitoring the equity of individual accounts on the MT4 Server. Upon installation, the plugin evaluates the initial deposit amount for each account and tracks all trades executed within those accounts.

It compares the current equity to specified values, referred to as the “negative stop-out” and “positive stop-out” parameters. If the equity falls below the negative stop-out value or rises above the positive one, the plugin takes action by closing all open positions and limit/stop orders for the respective account and disables it. The account is then marked with a “failed” or “passed” indicator, depending on the stop-out condition met.

The Stop-Out Plugin by Atomiq Consulting allows brokers to set different negative and positive stop-out parameters for various groups of accounts, providing greater flexibility and customization. This feature enables brokers to tailor their risk management strategies to specific trading groups, ensuring precise control over each account’s performance and risk exposure.

Once the plugin is installed in MT4, all further settings and management are conducted through the user-friendly Atomiq Consulting platform interface.

Atomiq Consulting’s Stop-Out Plugin automatically monitors and disables accounts based on equity thresholds, empowering brokers with enhanced control, risk management, and protection against scalping activities.

This tool is believed to play a crucial role in fostering transparent, efficient, and secure trading environments. Brokers can also anticipate increased efficiency and profitability in their prop trading endeavors.

Atomiq Consulting offers a seamless integration into existing setups for a tailored risk management experience according to each client’s requirements.

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Atomiq Software presents an innovative solution with our MT4 Equity Stop Out plugin, addressing the specific challenges faced in this realm. Let our automated solution alleviate the numerous headaches associated with running a broker. Connect with a seasoned product specialist today through chat or email to explore how Atomiq Software can streamline and enhance your product offerings.

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