MT4/MT5 Development Server Leasing

In addition to our MT4/MT5 Administrator & Server management services, we are now offering our clients the ability to lease an MT4 or MT5 development server.

What is an MT4 / MT5 Development Server?

A development, or dev server, is simply a test environment that mirrors the functionality of a live server environment. It is primarily used by system technicians and developers. Technicians, for example, may wish to test out a certain system feature or setting, but without interrupting the live system. This is especially important in the forex industry, where the live system must remain running 24 hours a day during the week. A developer, on the other hand, would use the development environment in MT4/MT5 to build a plugin or tool, check for bugs, and also run tests.

Advantages of System Leasing

Due to the global recognition of MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5, there is often demand for unique plugins or system enhancements that MetaQuotes allows third parties, such as Atomiq Software, to offer to the market.

Developers may wish to finalize a project or perform testing for a short period of time, making it more practical to lease the server environment. Atomiq Software is also flexible in its leasing policy, allowing the developer flexibility in the time required. In addition, we provide basic support as part of our service offering in order to ensure positive testing experience.

A Few Ways Atomiq Software Can Support Your Development Project:

    • Application Development via MT4/MT5 APIs

    • Plugin Development & Testing

    • Quality Control (QC) in a Development Environment

The Atomiq Software team have years of forex industry experience, making us the ideal partner for any technical project or undertaking. To learn more about our development server leasing, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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