MT4/MT5 Bonus & Credit Plugin

In recent years, deposit bonuses and other types of cashback / rebate promotions have grown in popularity among forex & CFD brokers. Deposit / credit bonuses can be beneficial in driving growth, however, to successfully offer these type of promotions often present technical challenges for the broker.  Atomiq Software can help your forex broker launch a successful deposit bonus / promotion program via our MT4/MT5 bonus plugin.

How Our MT4/MT5 Credit Bonus Plugin Saves Your Broker Valuable Time

  • Automation of balance adjustments based on account activity such as stop outs or zero account balance
  • Automated crediting of bonus based on promotion criteria
  • Withdrawal of bonus when promotion conditions not met
  • Negative balance protection & adjustments
  • Display of equity in real time (adjusted for bonus)
  • Assign plugin rules to specific groups or accounts; flag accounts receiving bonus based on color
  • Additional features available upon request

The Atomiq Software Manager & Rebate Processor – Your Key to Success

Our MT4/MT5 Bonus Cashback Plugin is an excellent solution to the increased challenges faced by brokers who offer deposit bonuses and promotions. By partnering with Atomiq Software, we’ll remove the many headaches involved in offering these bonuses through our automated solution.  Don’t hesitate to chat with a specialist today!

Atomiq Software Bonus Plugin FAQ

Can we receive a free download of the Deposit Bonus plugin?

Don’t hesitate to contact our team in order to see a demo and have a free trial of our system.

How much does the MT4/MT5 Deposit Bonus plugin cost?

Pricing depends on the number of servers, groups, and other factors. For a free price quote, don’t hesitate to contact our team.

How can I download the MT5 Bonus Manager? We can arrange a free trial of our technology, simply book an appointment to learn more.
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