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Our data migration tool offers makes it easy for MT4 brokers to move their data to a new server instance.

MT4 to MT4 Data Migration Service – A Server to Server Transfer Tool

Moving data between different MT4 instances (often referred to as MT4 servers), is a very complex process. Despite the complexity, such a service is often required due to the normal demands of business. For example, it may be necessary for a white label partner to transfer their business to a different MT4 server. Another situation occurs when a broker makes the transition from a white label to their own MT4 license. Regardless of the reason for the requirement, it’s important to work with a firm that can deliver on its promise without data loss, delays, or other complications.

Our MetaTrader 4 Data Migration Solution – How Does It Work?

With years of technical experience behind us, we can help your firm move data sets of all shapes and sizes, including open trading positions and account history. Our tool will transfer over all relevant data provided to us from one MT4 instance (server) to another. Additional examples of data we can move over include but are not limited to: groups, symbols, managers, and accounts. Because each set up is unique, we always prefer a discussion about the move to ensure all areas are covered.

Your Data = The Life Support Of Your Broker

Atomiq Software has successfully assisted numerous forex brokers with MT4 server to server data migrations. A partner that is both trustworthy and professional are key pre-requisites a successful migration, which is why we gladly provide references when needed. Feel free to contact us to discuss our service in more detail. Additionally, should your broker require further assistance with the set up, configuration, or ongoing maintenance of an MT4 server, we are glad to be of assistance!

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