How Our Swap Updater Reduces Costs

Updating swap values is a tedious process, especially for brokers managing multiple servers. Even in cases where only a single server needs to be updated, one must pay special attention to each entry: all it takes is a slight keystroke error and massive damage can be caused. Consider that an incorrect value entry or wrong setting could easily credit thousands of dollars into an account, or more dangerously initiate a false stopout. The repercussions to a broker’s reputation as well as financial costs should not be underestimated. So how does our swap changer help to reduce these type of risks?

  1. Error Reduction – Our MT4 swap updater grabs rates from a pre-defined area, in most cases a spreadsheet. As long as the values are reviewed beforehand, the type of mistakes associated with manually entering the values, ie “fat fingering” are reduced significantly.

  2. Automation – Brokers save valuable time by allowing our tool to automatically schedule swap updates based on a time frame of their choosing: bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc

  3. Simplicity – Our MT4 swap updater is simple to use and as part of our service offering we also provide training. In the time it would take to update values for one session, our product could be mastered.

Interested in learning more? Reach out to an experienced specialist today who can discuss our Swap Updater with you in more detail.

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