3 Reasons Why Forex Risk Management Software is Essential for Any Successful Broker to Maintain Growth and Increase Profitability Over Time

An aggregate view of exposure, hedging automation, and access to institutional level analytics are advantages of utilizing forex risk management software.

If your FX broker is growing in size, now would be an ideal time to consider some type of risk management software so that growth only continues, especially as market volatility is on the rise. In addition to helping with the automation of certain processes, forex risk management software can also help your broker significantly reduce loss and maximize profits in a variety of ways. Consider just a few of the advantages.

#1. A Complete View of Exposure

If your broker is running multiple software platforms, ie MT4, MT5, or cTrader, then you absolutely require a tool to view your broker’s total exposure across these platforms. Without such software, your broker is effectively managing risk inefficiently, as exposure must be tracked from software provider to software provider. More importantly though, the full picture isn’t being seen, which no doubt means some revenue is being left off the table. For this reason, it’s important to have some type of software solution that will provide your broker with a single, aggregate view of your broker’s global exposure.

#2. Automation of the Risk Management Process

In our view, there should always be human involvement when it comes to managing risk, however, many aspects of the risk management process can be either fully or partially automated. For example, having the ability to set specific hedging rules based on a variety of criteria such as deposit size, trading history, style of trading and region will help to better maximize profits. In addition, setting certain rules regarding the complete hedging of entire positions, groups, or currencies can help to augment and improve the effectiveness of the risk management team. Finally, some global hedging strategies can also be automated based on the unique criteria and needs of your broker’s risk management team.

#3. Access to Institutional Level Tools & Analytics

The growth in risk management technology now makes it possible for start up brokerages to access the same type of tools that were once only made available to large banks, hedge funds and other financial institutions. For a very competitive price, your broker can have the same edge that large institutions currently employ when managing their risk.

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