Forex & CFD Data Feed

A reliable real time datafeed is one of the cornerstone components of a broker’s technical set up. Depending on the situation, a datafeed can be used as the primary pricing source, or serve as a backup to an existing provider. In either case, it’s important to work with a partner that has a long track record of success and a solid reputation.

What Happens When a DataFeed Goes Wrong?

  • BackupRetention Problems & Credibility – A client does not feel the broker lives up to its claim. In addition, it only requires a few minor incidents for a broker to begin losing its reptuation across trading forums
  • Incomplete Chart Data – When datafeeds are disrupted, the chart data must be repaired. When this is not carefully monitored, the product doesn’t appear professional.
  • Backup – If not backup is set in place, the broker simply doesn’t offer prices, something that is tragic in the competitive forex industry.

Due to our experience with IT, specifically in setting up MT4 servers, bridges, and hosted machines, we’ve witnessed first hand the manner difficulties an unstable data feed can create. To learn more about what makes us an excellent datafeed provider, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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