Cryptocurrency White Labels Vs Platform Ownerhsip

Entrepreneurs and investors who are looking to launch their own cryptocurrency exchange have an important consideration to make regarding the technology aspect of the business. In our view, there are two major avenues that business owners will face before launching their own cryptocurrency exchange. The first option is to lease the technology from an existing white label provider, while the second is to develop or build the exchange software.

We advise making a decision during the launch phase of your cryptocurrency exchange since any sudden change in the technology during later periods of growth will be difficult to manage. For this reason, it’s recommended that the technology aspect of the business is well planned out so that subsequent growth can scale as smoothly as possible. In deciding whether to develop the cryptocurrency technology or lease the software, we hope that our overview can help to further guide your team to make the best decision possible.

The Advantages of Obtaining a CryptoCurrency White Label

You Save Time

Leasing or establishing a white label of an existing cryptocurrency technology provider or brokerage will mean that the business can start quickly. The only considerations are the terms of the contract, type of products, and trading conditions offered to the end users. Once these are finalized, the exchange is ready to launch.

A CryptoCurrency White Label Has Cost Savings in the Short Run

Money can be saved upfront since it will generally cost far less to lease an existing system than to build one from scratch. Just note that this could cost more in the long run as you’ll see in the next section.

You Have Less Overhead

Because you’ll be leasing the technology, your team will rely on the technical support of the technology provider to resolve issues, perform maintenance, and make updates. When you own the technology, however, these are all responsibilities that your technical team will have to cover.

Advantages of Developing your own Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

Cost Savings in the Long Term

Over time, the payments made for leasing the technology will outweigh an investment in the product itself. It’s also difficult to predict what future fees or other charges might apply when working with a white label provider. In some cases, additional charges might even apply as the business grows, for example, if trading volume from the exchange increases.

Greater Control

By owning the technology, you will effectively have complete control over all aspects of the business: should you wish to quickly implement changes, you won’t have to wait for approval or a decision from the white label provider. This also results in more flexibility, since you are free to customize the service offering as you see fit.

Ability to offer your Own White Labels

Considering the investment required to build cryptocurrency exchange software, you can offer your own product as a sub-label or white label to other potential market entrants. This could be an additional form of revenue generation as well as a way to quickly earn back the investment spent in the technology.

Atomiq Software – Your Partner for CryptoCurrency Technology

Atomiq Software specializes in custom built solutions for entrepreneurs and investors interested in launching their own cryptocurrency exchange. Whether you require guidance in obtaining a white label of the software or would like to develop your own technology, we are more than happy to assist you in the process. Don’t hesitate to contact us to further discuss our service offerings.

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