4 Reasons Every Forex Broker Should Invest in Their Own FX Trading Technology

As a result of MetaQuotes recent pricing change for MT5 licenses, it now makes more financial sense than ever for FX brokers to invest in their own trading software technology.

#1. Investing In Your Own Forex Trading Software Keeps Costs Managable

MetaQuotes has been the industry leader in forex broker technology for over a decade now. For the record, we think it’s wise to consider offering a an MT4 or MT5 white label, however, the pricing model for owning a full license has changed. As a result of this change in pricing, a forex broker holding an MT5 license will end up paying far more money in the long run by leasing MT5.

Based on our estimates, after leasing an MT5 license for 12 months or more, a broker will begin losing money on this investment, since the same amount of money could have been invested in technology that the broker compeltely owns.

#2. Your Broker Never Own Anything When Leasing FX Trading Technology

It’s important to recognize that when one leases technology, they never own it. This sounds obvious but it’s worth thinking it through. Changes in settings, overall ease of use and other system functionality is never under your control when you own the technology. This also means that the business terms can change. For example, what’s to stop MetaQuotes from further hiking their prices in the future? This leads to uncertainity which is never good when running a business. Finally, what happens if MetaQuotes decides to exit the industry at some stage? Your broker will be stuck trying to find a new platform.

#3. Owning a Forex Trading Platform Puts Your Broker In Control

When you own the technology you operate then your broker has complete control over all functionality. A feature you badly want or need can be implemented by your team. It’s up to your firm to decide what to offer to clients and not be limited by what the software vendor decides is right for them. This means that client feedback can be implemented much more quickly and efficiently.

Complete control over FX trading technology means you can decide exactly what you want your clients to see based on your image for your business, not a 3rd party”s perspective.

#4. Acquiring Source Code is More Cost Effective Than You May Think

From a cost standpoint, it’s not as expensive as you may imagine to acquire a source code. From there, you can develop and build the platform in your own image. We are happyt to walk you through the process by speaking with you in more detail about your needs.

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